Nice Rack (Hurr Hurr)

Is it only me that finds the fact that there’s a Spirit & Destiny magazine a little bit disturbing?

I think it’s partially to do with the fact that it seems to be aimed exclusively at women, it seems a little sexist to assume that without a penis your sense of perspective on the world goes a little out of the window but I suppose that there are many more things that I should be worrying about in that vein.

And by that I mean the dreaded gossip magazines, it really doesn’t make sense in my head that there are actually women out there who spend their lives pondering on the sexual adventures of Peter Andre’s penis and how it compares to the silicone explorations of the breasts of the artist formerly known as Jordan.

These things do disturb me yes but I do believe if there truly is a market for the whole spirituality shtick that surely it shouldn’t be aimed as a women exclusive thing, would that not encourage sexism to be squeezed out of those same goons who go around commenting on youtube videos about how ‘all women are stupid’?

But I’m sure we’ve all grasped by this point that big corporations don’t care much about the social implications of their misadventures as long as they’re still rolling in the big bucks, and as long as there’s someone else to throw into the love dodecahedron that I’m sure the whole Peter Andre/Jordan thing has diluted into after many many years of wading through crap and not being able to hire a real reporter to write a real story about things that actually freaking matter.

It does make me a little sad to see that there isn’t some sort of rational equivalent in the same shops that sell things like Spirit & Destiny however. In the same places where there should be Skeptic or something similar there’s just more and more crap, lines of heat with the occasional Kerrang! slipped in, featuring the next terrible band that paid the magazine ridiculous amounts of money to change their one star review into five stars and a cover feature.

I really shouldn’t get started on Kerrang! because I’ll probably get quite angry about it but to be honest once your reviews stop being about how good the album is and how much they paid you they’re not really fucking reviews any more are they? It’s corrupt and it promotes All Time Low, that should tell you enough to get my opinion across loud and bloody well clear.

So back on track, what about males that are into this kind of thing? Are they going to have to go through the same process I did when buying dry shampoo and wilkinson’s in preparation for download festival? Must they go down to the counter with GURLZ ONLY written in big pink writing on their incredibly sexist publication while their penis goes more and more flaccid by the second?

I think the solution here is probably not to buy that magazine, but the only sciencey thing I ever see on these shelves, and rarely at that, is New Scientist and even they do their fair share of exaggeration, and big exaggerations at that.

So we turn to the new media with its SGUs and its skepchicks because the print media really doesn’t do much to help us here, at least not where I’m from, and hope that just maybe the spirituality and gossip sections of the magazine aisle are just a bizarre hallucination designed to make me write a blog. Maybe when I next take a look through while waiting for the bus I’ll see something halfway rational, maybe even something I give a shit about will turn up.


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