Tales From The Man Rack

SO I have taken time to revisit magazine sections in shops, because that’s what I do when I’m trying to prolong my walks.

Why would I want to prolong my walks? Well on occasion, when the music suits the mood and I have half an hour to myself wandering towards the gym I have a flash of inspiration and an entire story unwinds from a primordial ball of yarn in my head, which means that in the middle of writing two stories, I now have a full one ready to type up in note form and thought form.

It doesn’t help that my first completed one is just sitting there on my disk drive either, maybe I should stick in on lulu instead of waiting for it to be picked up and edited into a supreme condition. Meh, I’m impatient, it seems like I’ve been looking for an agent a lot longer than I actually have.

Regardless this is besides the point, what I was going to say is that I’ve confirmed the sexism on the shelves is a little more patronising than I previously had thought.

Whereas I previously discussed the women’s interests section being the default hangar for all the spiritual junk, gossip magazines, celebrity and soap speculation and other topics that are looked on by many people with a raised eyebrow and a why the men’s section, although not found in all shops is apparently where both reason and misogyny lie, but we already knew about the latter now didn’t we?

You see, despite my complaining I picked up a copy of Scientific American today in ASDA, surprised a little by the fact that it was sold in this country and the fact that I could actually find a magazine with a skeptic section in such a huge supermarket (thank you Michael Shermer). You see it was behind New Scientist in the men’s interests section.

That’s right, women love spiritualism, gossip, and things that don’t matter at all.

And men care about… tits, cars, gaming and science.

And while it is sexist on another side for sticking tits and cars under the men category (I do find it a little patronising that my gender is sadly summed up as tits, cars, pub, football, well, I find it very patronising, the little was just to sound polite) the fact that gaming and science are being flagged as a male only thing is not only patronising, it’s rather disturbing.

Should there not be a whole science section? Is it really accurate that more people are interested in which celebrities have put on weight this week than the most recent developments in humankind’s understanding of the fracking universe?

‘Oh, when you put it like that it sounds quite silly’

Well that’s because it is fucking silly.

I was going to do a rant on another topic today but I suppose that can wait, there’s probably enough here to have you shaking your heads thoroughly in disappointment and disagreement.

I have to say until I realise why people find sports interesting, change my tastes in women to include plastic tits and orange faces on degraded women’s bodies who cry themselves to sleep at night because of what they’ve done to try and get daddy’s attention, saw something in cars other than their ability to get you from point A to point B two hours faster than walking, well, I’ll never be happy with the men’s section of the magazine section, although I can now say I’m quite happy with a certain section of it, despite it being essentially in the wrong place.

And I should really ask I suppose if lesbians are interested in those ‘lad’s mags’, knowing many men that aren’t I wouldn’t be surprised if it just doesn’t do it for them either but I would be interested to know.

So if you’re a lesbian, do you mind these degrading publications and if you’re any gender, what are your thoughts on this gender separation on interests that surely cross into both chromosomal combinations.

Personally I don’t really see a place for a gender divide unless it’s to do with a ‘your penis’ magazine, and I suppose there’d be some argument for that on the transgender front.


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