Fuck Vianna Stibal

So I actually got a lot of blog traffic this week from Derren Brown’s blog, if you haven’t checked it out, it’s a little bit like this one but without the non-sequiturs and with actual researchers involved, also with a team rather than just one sultry ranter, because illusionists don’t rant, they inform. Apparently.

Actually they deceive for money but that’s besides the point, he’s one of the good guys.

This was because I linked back to an old post in the comments section of a blog entry on a certain faith healerish movement that talks bollocks and expects you to believe it can cure cancer and grow back ovaries. Yes, theta healing, when I last blogged about this topic it seemed to cause a slight controversy on facebook so let me just clarify here.

I sympathise with people who believe in this stuff, I really do, but the people who do this intentionally, who deceive people into believing that their diseases are cured, encouraging them not to go and check with a doctor, leaving them no better off than before, still ill, their desperation for help with their sometimes untreatable illnesses leading them to a place that ensures them that they are all better, only to be in shock later when they are put into hospital and told that they left it too late to get proper medical treatment – *pause for breath* – that makes me really fucking angry.

Watch this for starters, now I love Jeremy Paxman’s attitude on a multitude of issues but it really fits in very well here, what is going on here is disgusting.

Now I’m not going to jump the gun and proclaim that everyone involved in this is an arsehole, there will be many victims in this story, people who are convinced by the deception of their superiors that they are doing good work, that they are really curing people, and really, that in itself is tragic, because some people just want to help and do not have the medical expertise to do so, so what do they do? The best thing they can find within their power. These people are not villains, but they need to take a look back and realise the dangers of what they are doing.

Because you see, theta healing is essentially playing with human lives for a profit, anecdotal evidence is fired off in all directions and yet there is no established case of this treatment actually curing a disease.

Now if this was about generating a placebo effect that would be a lot better, but it’s not, people like Vianna Stibal are actually claiming that they can rid people of serious illnesses completely, and they are touting this as truth.

In fact, Stibal, who ‘created’ the technique claims to have cured herself of cancer using this technique she invented, and has made a small fortune in the USA duping other people and putting their lives at risk.

Can I say that one more time?

Putting their lives at risk.

This is no joke, this is a serious issue, and no-one should come out in defence of her without first thinking about the consequences of defending an issue as inhumane as what she has done.

This is a criminal offence, and as she spreads her false word more and more people will fall for it.

Now, I don’t have much power in this world, but I have a blog, and I can do a half-decent job at writing it, of enough of us do the same and get the word out, we can help people both under Stibal’s wing and believing that their cancers have been cured, we can help them understand that they are being lied to.


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