Entertainment 2.0

I was going to blog a little earlier today seeing as I actually got up at a reasonable time, unfortunately I spent most of the morning having brunch and being attacked by a smoke monster. Naturally there was a lot of hiding in banyan trees involved but given that every time I emerged from the conveniently placed cover the black smoke came for me again I started to question what the man in black was really getting out of chasing me around a forest, I mean, I’m pretty sure I’m not a candidate.

I will now stop talking about the lost game, you can return to the screen now confident that you will probably get more of the references included in this bit, well, more so than in the above in any case.

In the world of web 2.0 are people missing out on everything by avoiding the internet?

I only ask because I met an Australian fellow by the name of Gus at open mic last night who claimed to be a big fan of the word of mouth.

I have to say I was a little envious of his approach considering I find it incredibly hard to talk to people at the best of times, never mind about my music, which I am constantly in half a mind about considering my lack of faith in my ability since my band went the way of the dodo last year.

But the thing is, the way the music industry, and business in general is moving, avoiding the internet would seem to be an unwise decision, having an online presence is half the journey these days.

And I’m not saying that everyone should have their own podcast, I mean you need an audience for that (something that’s kind of holding me back from doing anything like that at the moment through petty anxiety) but at least set up a facebook page so that people can contact you through an internet medium.

I suppose considering what I’m writing right now I should really stop being a hypocrite and post my book online but I’m not too sure I don’t want it looked over by someone professional.

Anyone know any professional editors?

Seriously though I will prostitute myself for anyone who can help me with this project of mine, and if I can’t find anyone, well I suppose I’ll just have to make a podcast of me reading it and hope that people care enough to leave feedback about the story so I can make changes and decide if there’s enough of an audience for me to self-publish.

Actually that doesn’t sound like a half bad idea, I need to work on my radio voice…


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