Oh, Vianna!

I want to address a subject that was brought up in the Newsnight Theta Healing investigation that I blogged about a few days previously, just a little slip of the tongue that made me go on a bit of a rage, and as all of you know, that’s where my most meaningful blogs come from, frustration, that or mentioning the word splooge, that always gets me a few hits.

For those of you who didn’t check it out, here’s the video again.

‘Cancer in many ways is one of the easier things’ says a work from home theta healer who claimed that she cured a baby of cancer from down the phone, now for a moment forget about the whole shabang of the theta healing scam and think about the nonchalant manner in which she said this quote.

Is that not disturbing? That lack of reaction to the most feared set of diseases on the planet?

Now the fact that she claims to have cured it down the phone is explained away with her excuse that you heal yourself, although I fail to realise how a baby could work out how to rid itself of stomach cancer assuming that it has yet to grasp language, walking upright and basic control of its bowel movements.

She claims to create the conditions in which one can heal themselves which seems to me to just be an excuse to justify them getting paid, however, it would also seem that this lady has been taken in by Vianna Stibal’s hypnotic wishful thinking-based cult of faith healers.

Faith healers who take the word of Deepak Chopra rather than the Bible as their vessel, and in a way I think I understand this less than the Christian version of the faith healers, because I can rationalise that based on fear of death etc.

Whereas with this movement it just seems like a con artist duping hundreds or potentially thousands of individuals into believing they’re doing the right thing, tricking them into thinking they’re miracle workers.

Some of these people you cannot blame for thinking they’re helping, they would believe the word of Stibal above any hint of evidence and as hard as it may be to believe this does happen.

However, I still don’t understand where anyone would get off claiming that cancer is easy to treat.

After seeing the pains of chemotherapy and and risks people go through to get rid of this horrible illness how could you think that way?

Is it because there are rarely outward signs of this threat?

People risk getting cancer to get rid of cancer, if it could be treated this easily and work do you not think that the NHS would jump on that?

Even the conspiracy mongerers that believe health services don’t care about human health could surely understand that anyone in business would be drooling to make the amount of money Vianna Stibal makes for doing nothing and claiming it as a miracle.

Do you know what I’d like to see? Vianna Stibal’s medical history, I want to see proof of her cancer and I want to see proof that it left her without the help of surgery.

If you can give that to me Vianna then we can proceed with me referring to you as a less harsh swearword than the one I usually reserve for you, Mike Adams and Gregg Braden.

Oh Vianna, you make me so angry.


5 responses to “Oh, Vianna!

  1. Hi, thanks for taking this on. I came across Lindsay’s site when I did not feel comfortable with all the theta healing claims – basically that we reconstitute ourselves moment by moment, so it’s up to us to re-arrange out dna any way we like, anyway we like.

    By the way, I loved your comment re the baby who could not yet control its bowels but supposedly does control its ridding itself of cancer!!

    All the best, Elsa

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