Up With Levity!

Alright first of all, Ezio Auditore penis? Really? That’s what you’ve been searching for? Jeez, I know I get linked to from some strange searches but that’s one hell of a niche fetish, I don’t know if I can fill that one, I mean a succubus? Yeah sure I can pull some google images from that but I don’t know how enthused Ubisoft are about exposes the computer generated genitals of one of their flagship heroes.

Assassin’s Creed just isn’t that pornographic, except for that scene with Altair in II. I’ve got one word for that scene.


This is besides the point, excuse me.

Yes, so in deciding to try and bring the levity a little more let me tell you a few things you might be a little interested in, things I actually intend to go through with, unlike everything I promised a year ago before I started going into the more sceptical angle and basically focused on finding an outlet for expressing my dismay at the success of Justin Bieber and Ke$ha, good times.

And for the record, they’re both still shit.

So if you enjoy people reviewing albums…

I’m not sure there’s actually a leisurely niche for that kind of thing but if there is I’m here to fill it God damn it.

If you go to alterthepress.com, you will find yours truly writing album reviews on there, also, you can get a new musical recommendation from myself and the other staff members there every week, so head on

As I was saying, more levity, I’m going to begin a new category of posts soon that may tickle your fancy, at the moment the plan is to create LOST: a skeptic’s parody pretty soon.

Yes, it might sound a little sketchy and it might turn out that way, but I assure you if you all hate it I will stop, although it sounds like a funny idea in my head at this moment, think of it as the most implausible show to have graced our television screens without the suspension of disbelief and you’ll get the idea, although I’m sure you’ll see it soon enough.

Also, as you may know I’m a budding novel writer with so far nothing to say for it, so as a little experiment I plan to write a couple of short stories that I can release to the public both to judge the reaction and save my arse just in case I’m being too impatient to realise that the book I’m currently shoving in peoples’ faces actually has some sort of potential market.

Sounds like a plan?

I hope so.

I may also do a little podcast-thing to go along with it if I can work out the logistics of creating such a thing, so that you and all your friends that I’m sure you’ll turn on to it can check out the stories and decide after a free listen whether you think they’re good enough to buy.

Also if I get around to recording the many songs I’ve been writing recently they might get a mention on that forum, in fact I could do a lot with that medium if it works, unfortunately however, my grasp on technology is never as good as I’d like to think so I won’t make myself any promises.

As always, tell me what you think and think for yourself.


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