Smart phone?

I’m typing this with a smart phone, an ironic name for the newest surefire way for writing your blogs to take the piss.

I can’t type at any rate close to leaving the tortuous realms of tardiness known as the snail’s pace.

In fact if I approach anything remotely close to a reDkb.

Thank you phone for illustrating my point exactly. If I type faster than the speed at which particles are restricted to at temperatures approaching absolute zero then my phone handily has a massive spasm, stringing together several letters of disparate cases with a few numbers thrown in for good measure and declaring the resultant abomination the word I had so callously typed in.

In fact there is no w!y

There it is again.

There is no way to come up with these characters without changing the keyboard half of the screen and the irony that it’s so awkward to type them when I actually want to use them is apparently completely load on my phone.

It does however, continue to mock me as I attempt to fully optimise my phone usage to include all the things that apparently make it ‘smart’.

There’s a real irony for you.

Although I suppose shit phones would not be quite as marketable.


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