So I was going to build on a useful comment someone sent me today, not one that I am inclined to go through and point out where they’re wrong, one that pointed me to a quite interesting website actually.

However, I sense this one will take a lot more time and effort than I am willing to give while still technically on holiday, however, something I did notice about this website as I scrolled through it, is that its website design is the kind of work that makes you cringe at the genericness and the obvious lack of photoshop/fireworks etc. skills that the team behind it obviously had.

And when I made this observation I realised I was already judging the website based on this fact, rather than the fact that it’s claims are close to criminal in their scope, something was wrong.

We in the age of the internet seem to have come to what I’d like to start referring to as the ‘time cube guy assumption’.

Take for example… I don’t know, time cube guy.

The time cube website (I’m sure everyone and their mother has seen it) was an atrocity. If you don’t believe me, , it’s pretty appalling.

This is probably the most extreme example of what a psychopath can do when presented with a beginners guide to html, and the claims that this guy makes are hilarious, it’s almost hard to imagine someone taking this seriously, and yet it happens.

But this does not mean all websites that do not use some sort of attractive template are akin to this.

In fact in my time I’ve come across many very useful websites that have been poorly set up attractiveness wise.

Others, such as Mike Adams’ natural news, are really nicely designed and the most atrocious abusers of the internet to date.

There’s just no real correlation, and yet he is here with me.

Confirmation bias, my old friend.

Why do you continue to pursue me and force me to make a hypocrite of myself.

Never make assumptions, think for yourself, don’t judge before you’ve seen the crap, judge when you see the crap, be smarter than me.


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