So I don’t do a whole lot of plugging on here, but for Christ’s sake please retweet, forward, share etc. this one.

For one good reason you should trust me on this one, because it’s nothing to do with me.

You see, after many years of song writing and the building of musical expertise, my good friend and fellow alter the press writer George ‘Twikki’ Gadd has done something very special for the world and for the internet by releasing his debut EP for free.

Yes, that means he is one of the generous ones, I remember when my band released our EP we sold it for two pounds each and subsequently lost all the money from it because one of us had spent all of their personal money on beer.

What can you do eh?

Seriously though, I’ll stick the soundcloud player here.

Be sure to listen to it all, like it, subscribe to his channel, and then go to where you can download it in all of its four track glory.

trust me on this one, it’s very good, very good indeed.

So friends, I know I always tell you to think for yourself, but for just this one time, listen to me, and get this musical barbecue sauce all over your ears.

Also watch this completely unrelated video if you’re a Rammstein fan.


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