Black Friday Rule

So I had quite a good idea of what I was going to talk about today, but then I completely forgot all about it, distracted by illness, skimming and wading I happened to stumble across a little piece in my mind, a little gem of wonderment that still bamboozles me. Perhaps this may have been a more appropriate musing back when all I did was predict that Justin Bieber would be a one hit wonder and point out that everything in that ‘Riverside’ video was completely wrong and stupid, mostly stupid, but well, still wrong.

A friend of mine pointed out to me and it occurred to me that Rebecca Black actually thinks that she’s famous.

Now let me back up here because I’m about to use the word infamous to describe her, one that is commonly used as a regular alternative to famous, however, the word infamous refers to the fact that she’s famous for the wrong reasons, having a bad reputation.

You see where I’m coming from here?

Well, Rebecca Black is actually more like infamous.

The fact that she’s coming out with a new single about her fairytale of a rise to fame is pretty heartbreaking in its own right, because it doesn’t really make sense knowing the background and the history of ‘Friday’, an atrocity at best, although if you cover it at an open mic night you get a rather good reception.

I suppose it makes sense to me in a way that people like Rebecca Black ignore the amount of dislikes they get on youtube and carry on regardless, they’re making money of being poked fun of and I suppose the easiest way to deal with that is to go into denial. However, by accepting the infamous nature of ‘Friday’ surely she’s giving in to the trolls? It makes no sense to me to stand on the shoulders of a turd to try and launch a career, if you pardon that rather tasteless image.

I wondered the same thing about X-factor star Cher Lloyd before I was reminded that anything with a vague call-out to that God awful show instantly goes gold despite how awful it might be, although her dislike rating is almost as bad as Black’s, and much more deserved.

Here’s something that Cheryl Cole needs to understand, just because she reminds you of your younger self doesn’t mean she should be famous, in fact, all the more reason not to. As someone who has basically had everything resembling talent written for her and plastered over her orange face the fact that she believes she has any sort of musical legacy is actually quite amusing until you see how far she’s gotten this council estate troll into the spotlight despite any semblance of originality or talent.

And Cher, just to clear this up, the fact that Lilly Allen thinks people should give you a break also means nothing, not only did she barely say anything except that she thinks you’re a child, but she’s also essentially talentless too.

Enjoy your infamy, I hope Rebecca Black sells more records than you.

That is all.


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