Reality, But Only If You Own A Penis.

What I have discussed many times as quite the issue might be something that would be worth a mass effort to solve.

In the case at least that steps can be taken to work towards a goal, not that I’ve actually found a solution to one, no, those blogs are the ones where I talk about steaks attached to dynamos and splooge, I fear that this is not one of those blogs, however, given the weariness I feel it may just turn out that way.

You see when the men’s and women’s interest sections are created in magazine outlets there’s always going to be a problem, and I’ve talked about this on many occasions, one of my biggest huffs with this divide is the fact that science usually gets tucked away in the men’s section while women are notified that they should be checking their horoscopes or talking to the angel gabriel and his many unicorn friends (this isn’t just me coming off some sort of bizarre LSD/sugar rush, I seem to recall the headline talking about rainbows as well but that might just be my brain creating a false memory, I mean, the stars aligning strangely).

In fact Glamour magazine (who proudly claim to be the UK’s most popular women’s magazine) gave away a huge book on horoscopes for all year round and for every sign this week, as well as the usual celebrity worship etc.

Now the fact that astrology has women’s media at its beck and call ticks me off, I mean how many times have you picked up a copy of nuts and seen ‘naughty Michelle’s a libra and is looking for a man to show her good time while jupiter is in harmony with venus’. You don’t, and yet they’re in everything targeted at women.

Do women want this?

I can’t imagine that all women want to be lumped with the spirit and destiny lot, however, this is the women’s section’s equivalent of Scientific American, which, as you might imagine, really grinds my gears.

However, there is something we can do.

Go down to your local shop.

Examine the gender divide in the magazines.

If you see this problem (as I have many times), issue a complaint and encourage others that feel a similar way to follow suit, because if big business believes that enough people are pissed off, they’ll bend over arse to the air to show that their you’re the Hugh Hefner to their degrading bunnies.

And once nonsense has been denounced as the woman’s equivalent of reality maybe I’ll be able to sleep at night.


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