On Thinking For Yourself

Now I could go for a long rant here, but I fear that it would not receive the time and intricacy it deserves. there was a certain thing I came across from a woo-enthused bookshop in Totnes, Devon that really made me very angry, however, going on a rant about this without doing the research on it would be unwise and make me look like a fool, I intend however, to get to this in time, especially considering that it’s related to the education system, something that I’m adamant should be limited to truth for obvious reasons, I mean, how many people do you know that have a degree in talking shit, despite how eloquent they may appear on the subject.

But it may seem to you people reading that I am being a little cynical, dismissing many of the topics of these blogs based purely on an ideological viewpoint, and I must assure you wholeheartedly that this is not the case.

In some degree I’ve always tried to reason with what I was being told within the confines of my own cranium, however, I was held back by the belief that many fall into on certain topics. It was a belief that so many people would not make the same lie over and over again.

I understand now, that my perspective on this if nothing else, was naive.

However, there are a few things that I feel are naive that come from the other end of the spectrum too.

Thinking for yourself requires that you make no assumptions, basing your interpretation of the world and aspects of it presented to you, based on what you know to be true about the nature of reality and by questioning everything as much as you can.

Children learn by asking questions, I know that a lot of the background knowledge I developed over the years came from an innate curiosity that I projected onto my parents, teachers, encyclopaedias, internet resources etc.

And that shouldn’t just stop because you’re not being educated about that thing any more, knowledge is an ever-fluctuating spectrum, and in some ways, you shouldn’t expect, especially in science, for one opinion to hold up against a worldwide community of people dedicated to prizing open the tin the universe’s secrets is currently sealed up in.

I would continue this metaphor but for fears of saying something along the lines of the brine of reality leaking out as we hold it over our sciencey sink I think I’d better stop there.

I suppose I could go into that other source of naivety I mentioned previously, however, I believe that in itself is a question for another day, because to go into that without doing enough research would really be putting my neck on the guillotine.


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