And now for something completely different.

Because despite my post yesterday, I am not entirely in agreement with the proposed revolution, I believe that a government is necessary, not because I enjoy being a sheep, not because I don’t want to make decisions for myself, but because I believe in the incompetence of people.

The world, from what I have seen of it so far, is not ready to maintain itself at this level of quality without a select group of people making decisions for it, at least in some respects, I know that whenever I touch on politics I’m going to come across as an ignorant nobody sitting on the idiot chair, but seeing as this is my outlet I believe there’s no better place to talk about this.

You see, it may be naive of me (a phrase I am worryingly saying a lot these days) but I believe that once freedoms have been passed down to the citizen, there will be an opening, an opening that could easily be filled with something much worse than what we previously had, and I’ve met many people in the short time I’ve been on this earth that would gladly lead the worst kind of people into the seats with the most influence.

And then we have a different part of the V for Vendetta story take hold.

So why would I help if I could?

Well, because let’s face it, the world would be better if even those who are ‘above us’ were treated as equals, no more secrets.

So basically, cheesily and predictably, I just want truth, and that’s when I hit the brick wall of people insisting that men didn’t land on the moon and wrote yesterday’s post.

Because really, wouldn’t the soviet union have jumped on that piece of information?

How good would it have been for Russia to expose the USA lying 6 (or however many times there was a manned moon mission) times?

That, would have been the political victory they had been looking for, and yet they didn’t do a thing.

And that’s not even mentioning the mirrors on the moon, and the data collected.

But as we all know, anything can be explained away by an argument that is, by nature, infallible, and by nature of its infallibility, convoluted.


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