Today’s Feature!

I should establish that I do mean for this place to be a politics free zone, heck I did a whole blog on the subject a while ago, it should be pretty clear already but apparently I can’t abide by my own rules on this site.

This rule is in play mostly because I don’t actually know anything worth saying on the topic, and what I do know about it I’m sure could be easily outmatched by the average Joe Bloggs.

You see my head is a convergence of a solid knowledge of what reality should consist of if I’m right and whirling vortex of LSD taking monkeys smoking pipes and dancing to the electric slide.

In short, I’m an idiot.

But in an other sense I suppose it helps me go into someone else’s world for the story writing which I consider quite arrogantly to be my job despite me being the only one who’s read any of my works through.

What’s the point of this particular blog?

Well I’ve developed a kind of sickness, one where I have to post one of these every day, something that, on many occasions is close to impossible due to the nice, warm hug of apathy that I receive once in a blue moon.

So here it is, mumbling, for your enjoyment.

Because essentially what my head is saying at the moment is akin to fjdsjfnjndsjnlfsknlfdklnfnlksldklfndsklkfldsnlflsl…

And that doesn’t make for very interesting reading.


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