F*** You: A New McCarthy Witch Hunt

So you may all know who Jenny McCarthy is, you may all know what blenders are, and you may all know why I detest the former, but how many of you would fall for this without the proper context added? Probably those who have religiously watched the Oprah Winfrey show I suppose, or Mike Adams, who I seem to name drop way too often, maybe I should just post these as comments on natural news, then get banned within five minutes.

You see, this ‘magic bullet’ or as I like to call it, a blender, is your way to donate to anti-vaccine propaganda.

How much? Well, it’s only part of the profit so it’s probably not a lot but with Jenny McCarthy’s face on it, that’s more than enough to give a considerable boost to ‘Generation Rescue’ an organisation that through their encouragement to throw a battering ram to the wall of herd immunity is helping to bring back some truly awful diseases that could possibly have been completely eradicated by now, if it wasn’t for this most questionable of movements.

For example: Pertussis, also known as whooping cough.

Vaccines are by far the most effective method of treating this disease in which parents get to watch their children cough their spleen out over approximately six weeks.

Take a look at this if you want something along the lines of

And what reason does McCarthy have to continue doing this? Well, at the moment this is all the press she gets, promoting her crap on childish and ignorant site, ‘Age Of Autism’ and trying to make up for the fact that because she’s not going out with Jim Carrey, picking her nose on TV, or getting her breasts out for Hugh Hefner, she’s just not getting the attention she wants.

Also given that she apparently ‘cured’ her son of autism, I think even she by now should have considered that it probably wasn’t autism she was dealing with, maybe coming up with a reasonable explanation for why its ‘star child’ status became autism and then nothing in her own psychology rather than blaming a life-saving pinnacle of modern science.

Because no matter how many times you flash your tits, it doesn’t make your point any more valid.


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