Muddled Words: There’s not much passion in geometry

Did you know that this is not a true pentagram?

It’s a pentacle, a word that apparently doesn’t carry as much weight because it sounds like some sort of five sided nipple teat, and given the legacy many people give to this symbol that mental image does not seem to properly suit.

Pentagrams generally go without the circle, but I suppose the pentacle is a pentagram of sorts, albeit with a pretty circle that many fundamentalists would piss themselves upon seeing.

Also, were you aware that this, is not in fact a podium, but a lectern?

The podium is the thing you stand on when you speak at a lectern, funny how these words get messed up sometimes.

Unfortunately, I don’t see this particular image scaring any fundamentalists any time soon, not unless they have an incredibly potent phobia reserved for speaking in public, in which case we might manage to get a golden puddle or two out of this picture.

Now I would have thought that a second heptagram would be the most feared shape in the american deep south, but apparently not, apparently its spikyness and altogether awesome exterior (or as awesome as a regular polygon can get) are dwarfed by what is essentially a star shape in a circle, I’m sorry second heptagram, today is not your day, or any other day, you’re just not loved very much.

Honestly, there’s not much passion in this geometric dismissal, and personally, I am disappoint.


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