Wacky Claims: Crystal Skulls

I have a leaflet in front of me from that wacky shop in Devon I talked about a week or two ago, you see, while my girlfriend stood in the doorway and raised her eyebrow as I picked up a load of leaflets for things that would generally make me quite annoyed I had a little bit of a plan, because local crazy is the kind of thing I won’t hear about generally, and certainly one thing I don’t see a lot of around Nottingham is the crystal skull wackiness.

And by this I’m not talking about that Indiana Jones movie starring Shia LaBeouf, I have never seen that movie and do not wish to ruin my memories of the franchise by wiping Even Stevens’ stink all over it, that, and I heard very bad things about it.

Even LaBeouf said it was a mistake.


This is a new age claim, as you may expect.

And Lindsay and Claire’s crystal skull experience promises to let you:

– Discover the relevance of the ancient and contemporary crystal skulls in your evolution and in the ascension of planet earth

– Hear the channelled messages from Charlie & Co and your higher awareness to assist you on your personal journey

– Share a special meditation to honour our wonderful mother earth

So, this is filled with new age buzz words that essentially tell you nothing.

As far as you can tell from this leaflet, a couple of women are going to get out some crystals cut to look like skulls and the earth’s going to rise (somehow, is there an up in space?), you get to listen to some messages to get you perked up for the long drive home and then you relax and appreciate the world around you.

Now that’s all well and good, but the claims are a little more out of the ordinary than this.

Especially seeing as upon googling charlie and co all I got was an American sitcom, I highly doubt that it spreads the kind of messages they were talking about, although you never know with these things.

In fact these quartz carvings have so far been proven to not in fact, be from the pre-Columbian period in which they are claimed to have originated. In fact the methods in which they are created can be traced back to 19th century jewelling tools.

So are aliens, despite their technology of space flight and immunity to earthly diseases despite having never come into contact with them before still novice jewellers?

Well I’m afraid Occam’s razor would probably indicate a different story there.

Contrary to this however, crystalskulls.com makes a few wild claims in its descriptions of known crystal skulls, claiming that one was used by the mayans for healing, rituals and prayers, that one is of a possible extraterrestrial skull, that one was a channel for the creation of the human species (a rather hefty claim considering the previous mentions of evolution related to crystal skulls on the admittedly disparate leaflet), that one was found by employing psychic archaeology (a field I’m pretty sure you can’t get a Ph.D for) etc.

So what have we learned here so far?

Well not a lot, the claims related to them are incredibly disparate depending on who you talk to, I suppose it’s just another one of those things that have so much weight in superstitious thought that any attribute can be applied to it, and you will form a circle of enthusiasts around that belief.


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