Mini F*** You: Ann Coulter

Take a look at this, and if you have time, take a minute to look up Ann Coulter, even wikipedia can tell you that this is a woman who believes that jews are imperfect Christians, that you can’t believe in God if you’re left wing, that evolution is a lie spread by the left, that the Japanese have immunity to radiation because of the nuclear disaster…

Must I go on? Get your rage on.


4 responses to “Mini F*** You: Ann Coulter

  1. I realize that this isn’t truly the point of your posting this, but I just have to say it… It drives me seriously insane when people use the Christian Card to pollute the human/humane world with filth. “I’m Christian, and because you’re not, I hate you and now I want you to die slowly.” What? What about that is “Christian”? It’s like the guy who says “I use the N word, but I’m not racist. I have a cousin who’s black.”

    • I think that for some people it’s an excuse, the Christian card could be replaced with any number of things such as intelligence, qualifications, social standing and it would still not make them any nicer a person.

      I agree, it’s really annoying, you don’t seem to get it a lot where I live however, so in a way it’s even more of a shock to see.

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