Only A Sith…

Why do I still see myself so often falling into the traps of gullibility?

Even when I claim to be honing a rational mind I still feel my brain wishing to stick itself back into the pattern of gnosticism.

When in truth I can never truly know anything out of my control, I’ve been folly to these things so many times believing that certain people live as absolutes.

Whereas if I had ever listened carefully to Obi-Wan I would know that only a Sith deals in absolutes.

And if you didn’t get that reference then I can only assume you hated the star wars prequels so much you refused to watch episode three, which was about as close to the quality of the originals as you could get with a ridiculous budget and by having Hayden Christensen as the lead actor.

What were you thinking Mr. Lucas? My God.

Anyway, I was actually getting somewhere halfway meaningful there so I should probably carry on.

People are by their very essence incredibly malleable, and by that I don’t mean that they can stretch their necks around corners like in Scooby Doo. No, I’m talking about personality-wise.


Not as such, everyone’s essentially the same, but that is not to say we can make any reliable predictions that anything can last forever, because as similar as people are, people change, and not necessarily in the ways you would expect had you only had one data point to go on.

Why am I trying to make human emotions sound empirical?

I suppose it makes me feel a little more comfortable with them, I may just be giving myself the mirage of understanding them, but for me, that’s better than being left completely in the dark.

Because I am, and always have been, after the truth, and something as fundamental as a two person connection should be a lot easier to understand than it is, at least according to my often ridiculous brain.

So, does this make me a Sith?

I suppose I’d have to believe in the force to start with so I suppose I can’t really argue that I am, however, I wish I could deal in absolutes, and who am I to argue with George Lucas?

Or Ewan McGregor for that matter?


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