So the music industry is pretty notorious for coming out with pretentious and uptight millionaires who want nothing better to make a quick buck on the backs of all their loyal fans they regularly shit on when attempting to conjure up their next corporate scheme to earn more money that they don’t need.

However, there are nice guys involved, only, as with every other aspect of society, you often can’t hear their polite offerings for all the dicks shouting over them, trying to convince the world that we should just abandon all hope and pretend that we actually like Pitbull and all the other shit those aforementioned millionaires are smearing over my ears on a regular basis.

I know that Lars Ulrich has a large reputation for being a twat, mostly over the whole illegal downloading issue, but even he’s gone out of his way to give free stuff and a meet and greet for an ill fan in his time.

The problem is that when you look at people it’s hard not to see their dark side over the lighter sometimes.

but the foo fighters would make it hard for you to remember some of the dubious campaigns they’ve supported in their time by playing in fan’s garages.

Now that’s giving something back.


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