Cocaine Rabbits Eating The Rainforest!!!

Now that I’ve got your attention…

Let me hit you with some knowledge.

Ancient chinese medicine was never intended to fight disease.


Because nobody knew that there was such thing as disease at the time, they assumed that a person’s inner energies were off balance.

Sound familiar? It should because most practitioners of treatments such as acupuncture actually express this belief before then claiming that their treatment causes a multitude of diseases.

The point is however, that science based medicine was nowhere near close to being established, and most diseases go away over time.

So you can see surely, that after doing this treatment they invented up, 98% or so of patients got better, and because their model for disease was so far from reality they had no reason not to think that their treatments were working.

These days however, surely there’s no room for this backward thinking, hundreds of years is a long time to get better at science, and for life expectancy to increase.

In fact the argument from antiquity is the least acceptable, even for a logical fallacy, in the world of medicine, which is why I get so perplexed when ancient techniques are presented as being equal to proven western practices.

More on this story later…


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