White Riot

Okay, where to begin.

So a lot of people are talking about the riots in Nottingham, London, Manchester and other major cities across the UK and besides the sensationalism there’re a lot of other problems with the rhetoric I’m seeing plastered all over peoples’ facebook walls.

No, besides the fact that there are hundreds of rumours flying around about which place is being petrol bombed and which area’s in trouble each night, the facts always emerge later and correct people, this isn’t that much of a big deal.

What really bothers me are the people calling for the armed forces to get involved, claiming that these riots are Orwellian in their nature.

Now, if they had actually read 1984 then they would know they are incredibly far from the truth.

The riots are terrible, without reason and using a dead man as a tool for hundreds of people, some barely out of puberty, to go out and wreck their home towns and assuming there will be no consequences.

And you can sort of see their reasoning, with so many people attacking in one city, there’s no way they can all be caught.

Obviously they don’t seem to get that a lot of them will, and the chances of them being caught aren’t low enough to make the risk worth smashing up windows, looting, petrol bombing etc.

And I wouldn’t even begin to go in the group on CCTV who pretended to help up a bleeding person only to take the contents of their bag.

That, is close to the definition of scum, if not there.

But I don’t like to label people as that, the mob mentality, once it overtakes regular thinking patterns, can make a mess out of the simple minds, and even those considered smarter, if their surroundings are such a strong influence on them.

What I truly don’t understand are the people calling for the armed forces to get involved.

This is never a good idea.

I saw someone using civil rights in scare quotes today to try and make out like our right not to be put under military control is a petty and ridiculous thing.

These people obviously haven’t considered the consequences of such a change of plans, and have not considered that maybe the role of the police is to control this, and the reason they’re having a hard time is because the attacks are so widespread and involve so many people.

I would never advocate a purge, even with rubber bullets, even of the very people who would happily take my life.

It’s wrong, pure and simple.

And when you make claims such as the fact that the army should get involved with these riots, you only expose your own ignorance, your own disregard for human rights, and your bigotry towards people you cannot personally identify with.

So if you’re one of these people, take a long hard think about what you’re saying and think about how you come across, because at the moment, people are looking at what you have to say and whispering what a prick to themselves while shaking their heads in disgust.

And if they don’t, well, they’re probably just trolling.


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