Riots & UFOs

A little follow up on the riots around Nottingham at least here.

Tenants will possibly face eviction if they or their children have taken part in the riots, as it is against their tenant’s agreement to cause disorder and anti-social behaviour.

Wow, there’s going to be a lot of free council houses up for grabs soon, get them while they’re hot, or don’t, because in a lot of the areas this is happening, there’s a lot more wrong with them than just out of control youth.

Maybe I’m letting my personal experience cloud my judgement here but I think I can pretty soundly say I’m not a fan of walking through the areas where most of the arrests are taking place, their reputation really does speak some sense in these cases.

And while many groups of newspapers attempt to explain the riots and why they’re happening, they just make themselves look pretentious, and even ignorant in some cases.

For anyone who doesn’t know how this actually got started, there was a man in London suspected of shooting someone, he pulled a gun on the police (the fact that he didn’t shoot them doesn’t really make much of a difference in this case, this could have potentially proved that he was the shooter in the mind of the officers and when you have a gun pointed at you, well, your first instinct is to not get killed) and the police shot him.

Then a protest about this incident erupted into a load of people trying to steal trainers and fried chicken.

Yeah, so there’s totally a reason behind that.

It kicked off because people saw an opportunity and thought because of the large numbers they weren’t going to get caught, certainly outside of Tottenham it had bugger all to do with the shooter.

Anyway, in a different story, the ministry of defence hasn’t been going after every single UFO sighting that gets reported to them.

And for those of you who this comes as a surprise to, you’re underestimating the amount of reports of this nature people get.

Take a look if you’re interested but as the bottom of the article suggests, these reports are rife with optical illusions and people jumping to UFOs as the automatic explanation for many different phenomena with a plethora of natural explanations.

Bottom line here is, this is just silly.

What the ministry of defence really needs if it wants to rub the crotches of its members who think this is important so emphatically is to get together a team of many experienced individuals in optical illusions, atmospheric phenomena etc. to go around, investigate these and rule out any natural explanation.

Why you ask?

Well, otherwise they would be IFOs.

Identified flying objects.

To be unidentified you can’t trust the expert opinion of some store clerk from Grimsby, you’ve got to consult people who know what they’re doing, and to be honest I’m not surprised that the ministry of defence didn’t take the time to go over all these.

There are real problems in the world that they need to look over, we can’t keep wasting our time on what we think could potentially have something there without any basis in fact or the ministry of defence would be arresting every muslim in Britain by request of one Nick Griffin.


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