Coronal Gore Ejection!

This blog’s going out a little later than usual because of a certain essential service that cut out on me for around 24 hours.

That’s right, it’s the internet, that scoundrel, always available except for that certain time in which I just told you that it wasn’t.

That sentence probably wasn’t grammatically correct but I think you get the cut of my jib.

And the stuntedness it brought to my plans for the day was really quite shocking, I mean Jesus you’d think we wouldn’t be so reliant on something that’s still essentially in its early days but no, we, or at least I, am completely dependent on Al Gore’s baby and all it stands for, well, except for the viruses and, they can go surf themselves.

And I’m not talking about An Inconvenient Truth here, if you hadn’t guessed already from the fact that I’ve said it x amount of times this is the internet here, there are no graphs involved in this blog.

Or at least not from what I recall…

Maybe I should work on that one…

But what would we do without the internet? What will we do when the CME comes?

What’s a CME you say?

You should be more alert with your astronomy because the internet could potentially be down for quite a while if we got hit by a large enough…


and no, that’s not a porn movie, although it probably should be.

In fact rule 34 dictates that it probably already is a porn movie so I take that back.

It does sound dirty though.

But yes, when the sun lets of a huge burst of radiation it could potentially mess with our magnetic field and the electricity we so rely upon to live these days.

The last time this problem occurred there were just telegraph poles up so nobody really gave much of a shit.

These days however, there are more than telegraph poles, there are websites about telegraph poles!

Oh, and also there’s the entire infrastructure and economy we’ve built upon a system of millions of connections using the internet as its basis.

So basically Al Gore cares, and so does whoever makes telegraph poles.

He really fucking cares.

So what shall we do about this potential happening?

Well nothing, because it’s not coming right now, sit back and relax, but don’t tell Al Gore that, he’s very on edge lately ever since I referred to him without mentioning global warming once.

Okay Mr. Gore are you happy now?


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