For Great Justice!

Alright, now I don’t do a lot of good deeds in this blog by a certain friend’s eyes but all that’s about to change, at least in this one post.

As those of you who come to here from facebook will no doubt already know, my good friend Kris Davis has been hit by the banhammer of Mark Zuckerberg’s iron fist and therefore is no longer allowed to repost links on facebook.

Now whereas this would usually be a decent application of facebook’s power to stop spamming, the event he has been reposting is actually a large charity event in aid of macmillan cancer care, one that he has been building on for three years.

Last year it raised over a thousand pounds for the charity (I think that’s about right) and this year it’s looking to make even more, it’s a very worthy cause.

The problem is that Mark Zuckerberg and his team of hollywood actor elves (if the social network is to be believed) cannot go through the links of every single person they block for this reason, and as such it seems unlikely that we’re going to be able to get this ban lifted to that the macmillan fest 2011 can be promoted on the very important lead up to the event.

So I ask both you who come here from facebook, and my subscribers from elsewhere, if you have any influence over english people (I’ll be there volunteering too) to help out a great cause.

The details can be found here, so get spamming, just not so much that facebook blocks you for it.

Thank you for indulging me.


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