God Damn It

Congratulations to everyone who passed their A levels.

You can all take pleasure in the fact that you both got into university and did better than me.

But really I should stop dwelling on the fact that I shot myself in the foot a year to two years ago, because I have an aim and a purpose and when september comes I can work to achieve it, I just basically increased the incline on the mountain I have to climb to get there.


It is a great achievement though for those who actually did try and suffice to say I am proud of you all, especially Twikki.

Because he didn’t do it.

However, he did get me stopped by the police, and for that I am not proud.


That for sale sign was not in the ground, when you took it, there was a sold sign at the house, it was all fine until you gave it to me for like three minutes.

How corrupt is this police system that I got stopped for holding a sign that I didn’t even take.

Thank you for letting me steal your line there btw.

I don’t actually think the police system is that corrupt.

However, the police were laughing at me too.

Patronising bastards.

‘I’m a law abiding citizen!’

My God I’m such a spaz.

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