Inside The Mind Of Tibbles!

Unfortunately no, you can’t read your pet’s mind.

You can try sure, if you can work out when they’re sad, happy, hungry and in need of the lavatory then you’re not completely incompetent at keeping a pet but you’re sure not psychic.

I suppose people who claim to be able to read a lot more seem very impressive but really how much depth is there to the life of a cat.

An animal that spends over 70% of its time resting and the majority of the rest of its time preening doesn’t really need much reading to be done, I mean a pet psychic really wouldn’t have a hard job reading that and then it wouldn’t get as much special attention as if it seemed like tibbles overthought things as much as its neurotic and anxious owners, if you can call them that.

Oh what’s wrong with tibbles pet psychic?

Oh, she wants to go to sleep.

How about now?

She’s hungry.

How about now?

She feels a little dirty, it might be time for a tongue shower.

I’m not saying I could tell you that, I’m useless with animals myself, however, the fact that there’re only three real options makes me a little puzzled at how you would possibly want to get anything more.

Would you not be satisfied with a one in three chance of being bang on with your prediction?

And even if you weren’t, tibbles wouldn’t really have the vocal chords or tongue shape to protest.

And I’m sure she wouldn’t pass up an extra helping of sleep, food or cleanliness, there’s not much to it.

And if there’s a mouse in the room you could get extra points by stating the obvious.

Tibbles doesn’t like the mouse.

Oh that’s a shame, maybe she should brutally murder the mouse, eat its face and leave the rest on the kitchen floor for you to clean up.

She’s so cute.


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