A Question Of Belief

Why is it when it comes to the heart of questions of belief people get unusually defensive?

Surely the joy of being able to ponder the existence and likelihood of certain structures of belief is one of the greatest assets we as human beings have?

I’m not saying that I never tightened up myself, only that when I considered myself a Catholic, whenever my beliefs were questioned by someone other than myself it was in a very I’m-better-than-you attitude.

Not the best thing to be flaunting if your plan is to make someone change their mind to accept your opinion.

I advocate beliefs as a personal journey, because no-one makes a decision as large as a change in their fundamental belief system because someone else told them to, and if they say they have done then they are surely lying.

The very nature of belief requires that any changes are made on a personal level much closer to home than any active preachers for belief or non belief can accomplish.

But sometimes when it even happens inside their own heads, many people close themselves up, resist the questions arising, resist the doubts that have been building up over the years. To preserve their faith? Maybe, but I know for me it was not a question of faith, it never was, it was a question of fear.

And as cowardly that sounds, I’d rather be honest than put on a front, that’s how I present these blogs and how I present myself.

And although it’s a clichĂ© to say that I don’t pretend to be anything I’m not I try to come out naked in front of you people and create a terrible mental image in the process.

Because sometimes, perhaps often, belief is a closed minded system, sorry about that.


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