I Love Fictional Mythology!

Now it’s been a while since I’ve talked about doctor who.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I’m going to make it a regular thing again, I’ve learned my lesson from that, but I have to say that there’s very little to not love about it since Steven Moffat took over.

Seriously, it’s really getting me as sucked in as when I was watching lost way back when.

Well, it only finished last year but it certainly feels as if it was a lot longer, and indeed the tingly feelings I got from saturday’s episode (‘Let’s Kill Hitler’) were only matched by the series 5 finale of LOST; ‘The Incident’ for those of you who are interested, the big mythological reveal, which is the kind of mystery I like to see unfold apparently.

I mean the reason why I loved ‘The Holy Grail’ so much more than the other Indiana Jones movies is probably because it was very mythological, although Sean Connery probably had a lot to do with that as well.

And when I was going through Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ series, my favourite by far was ‘Wizard And Glass’, the fourth volume dealing with the gunslinger’s past and the kerfuffle with the big coffin hunters.

Which I would still maintain would make an awesome band name, and if nobody’s taken it so far, I am adamant on taking it myself.

Anyone interested in forming a band?

That’s a question I’m probably going to throw around a lot until I actually get one so be warned.

I suppose there’s something special for me about the convoluted sci-fi explanations and timey wimey, I know there are a lot of people who really don’t like time travel based storylines but I really can’t get enough of them.

Strangely enough a lot of women don’t seem to like time travel in my experience but that could just be a false observation on my part, it has always really excited me personally but I’m sure that’s not entirely to do with the fact that I have a penis, no matter how much of a pussy I may outwardly appear to be.

I was quite excited at the beginning as well, to see a nice man made crop circle, and imagined quite a few people being pissed off that Amy and Rory managed to make it themselves, especially considering the show’s tendency to state that anything is possible.

But then I remembered the Qi crop circle and the middle finger one from the trailer to Gawd Bless America and remembered that it’s been done before in non-fiction and only managed so far as a ‘sonofabitch!’


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