What I’ve Learned From Television

There is probably no better symbol of the fall of a dictatorship than that guy on the news wearing Muammar Gaddafi’s hat.

It’s close to one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on the news, but considering how much misery gets reported on there it’s not really a hard judgement call to make, although I have been on a couple of times myself not getting miserable, I think I was on for the premiere of Hercules and an easter egg comparison thing, either way I didn’t make it past the local news, apparently I’m not riveting enough for national television.

Then again if Piers Morgan can make it on television anyone can, I mean who would hire someone to have their face plastered all over peoples’ homes if the very thought of that person made you want to punch them in the face.

I think I’d probably find it very easy to punch Piers Morgan in the face was it not for the fact that:

1. He’s in America

2. I’d get arrested

3. I’m a massive pussy

4. He’d probably dodge

5. It’d probably just make him more annoying, maybe he’d turn into the hulk.

Come to think of it I’d much rather watch ‘Piers Morgan Smash!’ than anything else he’s ever done that I’ve come across.

But then again, because I make an effort to avoid watching anything he’s been on that’s another judgement call that’s pretty easy to make.

I think though that I might give him a little more credit if he goes on air wearing Colonel Gaddafi’s hat.

I’m sorry I just love the symbolism of that.

Also, a message to the world, if you know where the man in question is, please tell someone, I’m sure everyone would love to scream hate messages at his plastic face, especially the Libyan rebels.

I know they want to give him safe passage out of the country but when was the last time you trusted men who casually walk the streets with rocket propelled grenades slung nonchalantly across their shoulders.

Hell I get a little shifty when I hold one on a video game.

Leon Kennedy would certainly have avoided any chance to let Saddler have safe passage out of the country, but regardless…

that was a strange moment, I don’t think we’ve ever had a resident evil 4 non-sequitur before but I suppose there’s a first time for everything.


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