Macmillan Fest 2011

Hello everyone!

It’s me, back again with some shameless plugging, the shame levels slightly increased only because I’m not actually playing this gig.

So let me extend my break from talking about anything remotely interesting to my reading audience however small you may be to plug macmillanfest 2011 one more time.

I shall be volunteering there so my vested interest is only partially affecting this half advertisement.

Tomorrow, Sunday September 4th at the rescue rooms, part of rock city, in Nottingham, England, six pounds to get in (I believe, it doesn’t actually say on the facebook page), give some money to charity and see some bands, whether you like them or not, I’m sure that the fact that this is for charity will be enough to guilt you into spending that money to come down and contribute to what is truly a very good cause.

Go here

Do it.

And what is that cause? Well you’ve probably seen it on the television but macmillanfest was happening years before they starting doing advertisements on the box.

It’s the most hipster festival you’ll ever see without any hipster bands.

Well maybe a couple, festivals are too mainstream to get most of them there.

Macmillan cancer care is an organisation dedicated to helping people through the struggle that is cancer with personal support and by providing a good quality of life to help them get through the terrible ordeal with a smile on their face as much as possible.

And as hard a disease as cancer is to cope with, think about how much difference having people there for you can make.

I think even those of us with the simplest of minds can imagine how much easier it has the potential to make life for these people.

So come along, offer your support and be entertained in the process.


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