So Fresher, So Clean

So to try and get myself back on track now, I suppose that after some procrastination I should probably get back to the writing, recording and revising I was supposed to be doing in the last couple of weeks that going on holiday as well as spending many days with my girlfriend, being ill and volunteering didn’t exactly help with. Regardless of this, while I still have a couple of weeks to do them before university starts and I have to work out a whole new schedule I should probably make the most of the time I have left without tonnes of work and a necessity to work hard to try and recover from the educational bellyflop that I managed to twist my A-Levels into back in the day.

So for now, I’d quite like to open a discussion again if you guys don’t mind.

Because I’ve heard of the whole freshers institution and wonder if there’s any way to make friends at university besides getting completely off your face, scribbling a few drunkards’ numbers down and hoping that they don’t mind you adding them on facebook in the morning.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I mean, I met quite a few of my close friends in that same way, well, at parties and not at bars but you get the picture.

I’m basically both incredibly excited and nervous and as ever would like some short of drug to make myself better at approaching people.

Because as I’ve found out on several occasions it’s not actually that hard to get along with me, it’s just that I’m shit scared of approaching people, both before and after I’ve met them.

Now that’s not today I’m a complete social recluse, although there was a time when I totally was, but back then I was sticking by the tenants of D.A.R.E and unfortunately it was peer pressure into drinking that helped loosen me up a bit, sorry liver.

So, if anybody can leave a couple of tips, a good joke, a virtual hug or a gig for me to play that would be much appreciated.

Also what the fuck is going on with NTU freshers because I’ve got no information so far.


One response to “So Fresher, So Clean

  1. Join a society that interests you, and hope its not a heavily drinking based soc that actually does whatever it is they say they do…

    Dont be afraid to lose yourself, try everything and anything. Be spontaneous. don’t turn down any opportunity, if you don’t like it, don’t do it again.

    Become chief leader of something, a society, band, club – anything and people will look up to you. Given that you spur whatever you are chairing on with originality and consistency you will have a small collective that will be solid for the next 3 years!

    Dont be pressured into anything you dont, there are so many types of people at university (nothing like an American college, mind) that will be just like you.

    I personally have many niche friend groups as not all my close mates like what i like, so i have a group of people in each area of University life, for example the music scene, sports and lectures. Your flatmates are the ones you’ll have the best nights out with!

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