Matters Of Opinion

Do you have problems getting your opinion heard?

sometimes people just don’t plain want to listen and no matter what you’re saying if it seems to be teetering towards a subject that they’re touchy about they snap.

It doesn’t matter whether in previous times you would have said the same thing and nothing would have happened, suddenly the game changes and it feels like you’re being cast out as different, when in actuality you’re exactly the same as when you would have said those same things before.

Because people like to discriminate, there’s a tribal instinct embedded in us from our past that means it’s very easy for some of us to see the world as ‘us versus them’, no matter how long or well they know the person in question.

Suddenly you’re personal choices have created an issue, an issue that shouldn’t really exist, because it doesn’t matter, the only reason it’s called into existence in the first place is that there’s a split going on in their behind with what they know about the person and what they think they know about ‘them’.

Surely this discrimination is much more offensive than anything that could come close to you talking about a subject you might not necessarily agree with wholeheartedly in a satirical manner?

And in a way that you would have done and have done before?

And to other people who share the view that you disagree with on some level?

Maybe my sense of morality is twisted but this makes sense to me more than what some would consider discrimination, it certainly feels like it on the receiving end.

But then again I am notorious for being overly sensitive, especially in these kinds of social aspects so one can only wonder if this is indeed the defence mechanism I believe it to be.

Objective number one: protect personal beliefs from the heathens.

Objective number two: actually think about what’s being said.

That sounds about right eh?


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