It’s blog time once again, and while everyone sets up for the whole back to school/university/work/regular routine but at a different time of the year thing I have been blessed with a rather persistent stomach ache paired with some rather delicious non-symptoms (or symptoms of life if you prefer) that are making my last few days of freedom before I’m required to get drunk with a load of people I have yet to meet a lot less productive than I would have liked them to be.

Regardless, I’ve actually managed to start some recording so I might actually have some half decent music to link to from here in the near to late future, depending on how much I procrastinate and how hard it is to find an appropriate drum loop for each song, because yes, I’m not sure that recording a drum kit with one overhead is a great idea, although I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

So yes, with only basic knowledge of music technology and fuck all knowledge of ableton I’m about to embark on a long and loud quest to get some more songs online so nobody will listen to them.

To be fair to myself, I’m actually doing it to try and get some gigs but seeing as that’s not that amusing an idea let’s just stick to the first explanation shall we?

Also, in news of me trying to get some of my vocational stuff done in my run up to academia, I believe that I may actually have some more letters going out to literary agents soon, so fingers crossed, you might see my book in the future if I’m incredibly lucky.

I’ve also just finished a gig review for Nottingham LIVE for Long Dead Signal at the rescue rooms relaunch party and done a load of reviews for Alter The Press recently including the new Charlie Simpson album (which is awesome), so if you check those out as well as my blog you’re absorbing just as much of my writing as is humanly possible without your brain exploding.

Something intellectually stimulating tomorrow I promise.


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