Dress Size Matters?

Let me just start off today by saying that the most searched term that brought people to my blog this week was the word ‘dying’. Now as much as I’d love to be able to help you all this isn’t the Samaritans helpline, and I don’t intend to talk about death today, let’s leave that elephant in the room alone for another while because I can feel my views dropping every time I mention him and his big skeletal trunk.

But it’s sort of appropriate I suppose, in a way.

Because something’s been bugging me this morning, mainly because my girlfriend was searching it and in turn forcing me to look at the pictures of it. Old news I know, but sometimes you just need to give your two cents, hey, I’ve done it before with stuff that’s been long dead, remember the Insane Clown Posse post? Man, those were good times.

This ^

This is not a good look.

Now I know what you’re all thinking, that’s obvious right?

Well some people think not and as Alice quite rightly pointed out that’s quite scary. I mean going this far to try and improve your image, trying to improve your image to the point where you ruin it and begin to look like you’re deteriorating… that’s not a good look for one but most importantly it’s quite dangerous, both for the health of the people who attempt it and for the way society revolves in general.

Are we not already too deep into a culture obsessed with being thin? Surely this is an illogical step, not the next logical one, and I know that it’s calm down at least a little in the last couple of years, which makes me a little happier, but the point of this post really is something I’ve touched on a few times before and something that cuts back to the ‘think for yourself’ message I try to convey here every couple of posts.

People, do not use the media to govern your lives, you decide what you like, what you don’t like, what’s cool and what’s not, nobody of any worth is going to judge you for not looking like you’re in the middle of a famine in Africa, in fact, they’ll probably look at you better for it.

Especially Africans in famines I think they’d probably appreciate it.

Oh, and if you want to see a rather scary top ten list in the same vein full of cringeworthy reasons why you should look like you’re on the edge of death, just go on this web page. http://www.stumblerz.com/top-10-reasons-to-go-size-0/


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