The IdeoMexico Effect!

So my body’s decided to half shut down on the run up to freshers just to fuck with me.

I come to you ill, from my bedroom, witness the glory of a blocked nose, chesty cough and stomach threatening to burst!

Okay, maybe not threatening to burst but it’s still not very nice either way.

And now for something completely different and on something I touched on maybe a year or half a year ago, something that I like to talk about here.

I put a lot of emphasis on scientific scepticism here, and here’s one of the biggest culprits of this affair.

George Gadd, get out your dowsing rods while Catherine Foresight primes her keyboard for long comments about how she thinks it’s valid.

Yes, it’s dowsing rods being used for bomb detectors in Mexico.

I think I talked about these glorified divination rods being used in the middle east before, but it would seem that even the UK is wising up to this colossal waste of money, offering an official warning to Mexicans planning to use the device to detect bombs.

I suppose sometimes even my own country can make some rational decisions sometimes.

Now why is it that when the house of commons came to a consensus that homeopathy was bollocks did that not get eradicated from pharmacies? hmmmm….

Anyhoo, if you’re still not in the know about dowsing let me hit you with some knowledge.

Here’s a little something about the ideomotor effect.

That should clear a few things up I believe.

So yes, to combant drug runners in Mexico there has been an effort by the Mexican authorities to track down explosives using dowsing rods, similar to those that have been use in the middle ease to the detriment of human lives and the army’s budget.

But money aside, surely something designed to save lives by its very nature should be looked into carefully? A bomb detector should be shown conclusively to be able to do its job, and when confirmation bias is defining what works rather than definitive double blind studies, then it is clear that this initiative is being driven on ideology rather than science.

And when human lives are in danger, this just isn’t acceptable.


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