Well That’s Odd…

It’s very odd thinking that when I go back home my brother’s no longer going to be there. Not that I don’t know where he’ll be but for as long as I can remember he’s been in the house or at least at a party with the intention of returning and I’m not sure how that’s going to feel.

In some ways seeing people leave makes me wish I’d moved into halls despite knowing that my admittedly narrow minded decision making a couple of years ago will be saving me at least three grand in the future.

But I can’t think that far ahead and I’m not going to pretend that I’m thinking about the money at all, just how strange it is that people are leaving, despite the fact that I too am going to university this year.

Freshers starts next weekend and yet it almost feels like a completely different thing to what everyone else will be going through, probably because my experience hasn’t started yet, I’m not moving out and I’m in the same city.

The thing is though it’s not a melancholy feeling or even an optimistic feeling, it’s more of a ‘well that’s a little bit odd’.

Which I don’t remember having really thought like before except in regards to other peoples’ sex lives, which usually I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to for obvious reasons.

Like everyone else I’m both very nervous and very excited, luckily for me I’m not going to be on my own, which I think, might have made the whole affair seem impossible.

Luck, it would seem, is on my side recently, despite the recent ills…

Okay coincidence then, I prefer happy coincidences anyway.

So good luck to everyone and to everyone else, wish me luck.

Because it’s a mystery from here on in.


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