Usher -Vs- Good Grammar

Why do so many songs make grammar mistakes that just go unchecked?

Surely this is partly to blame for the fall in literacy in the west?

In China where nobody listens to Usher, everyone knows that there are so many ways to love you.

Whereas over here apparently there is so many ways to love ya.

And that’s just an easy target, there are more subtle ones that just go unchecked and sneak up on you when you least expect them, like a pouncing tiger with a platinum record.

You may call it artistic license but really there are ways to have correct grammar and catchy songs at the same time, something that the Beatles should really know about despite their past failures in this area.

So Paul McCartney, I’m not sure if this counts as bad grammar (Just saying this in case I get corrected, I’m pretty sure it does based on how little sense it makes in the song) but trying to remember which song was bugging me and also eluding my memory, a quick google search for Beatles grammar mistakes led me straight to ‘Live And Let Die’ by Paul McCartney and Wings.

This is the one.

‘But if this ever changing world in which we live in…’

Come on!

But if this ever changing world we live in would have been appropriate.

Where did the in which come from?

There are easier ways to fill in a line, I mean the Beatles gave you koo koo ka choo and ob la di, surely these nonsense words could have filled in this space and made more grammatical sense.

Now I must warn you that you shouldn’t go off a song based on its lack of literary integrity but to call yourself a songwriter means that you’re designating yourself as a linguist of sorts and for that you have a certain responsibility.

So Mr. Frank Turner, ‘There never was no God?’ Double negatives? You should be ashamed.


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