I Hope To God This Isn’t Real…

I’m trying to sort this one out, because this has got to be a joke and yet I cannot find any hint of a disclaimer.

Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough, perhaps it’s well hidden but more and more the other explanation seems to be creeping up as more plausible. Is this for real?

Starting off on their zounds subsite, I scoured objective ministries to try and find the disclaimer, hoping that this was fake and as of yet I have found nothing.

Not that this means it’s not there, but it’s not looking promising at the moment.

So far the site has told me that instead of playing on darwinist and atheist games such as spore and tetris I should be playing their own mods of minecraft and other games in which all fun is replaced by everyone saying how great Jesus is, and to be honest, if I wanted my entertainment to preach at me, I’d read Narnia or watch God TV.

Anyone who thinks that the agenda of the entertainment industry is to rid people of their faith needs to scale down their paranoia a lot. Calm down, resident evil is not attacking you, it’s just letting you have the thrills of trying to escape a zombie invasion without the actual risk of death.

I also found some very disturbing songs that made me wonder how parents are getting off mixing up atheists and pagans, teaching their children to rub their beliefs obtusely in peoples’ faces and creating a false dichotomy of creation or evolution.

Because to deny evolution these days is to deny a whole lot of biology, you might as well not take antibiotics.

I also was linked to this parody of ‘Bill Nye The Science Guy’, a genuinely smart man who has both the qualifications and the understanding to teach science.

Larry Dye has apparently taught at schools, science clubs, camps and libraries.

Does this not scare you a little?

With church based qualifications and a creation apologist agenda, this man should not be allowed to teach science, he can talk at church however much he pleases, but to pretend creationism is science and to attempt to spread it over the mountain of evidence for evolution is akin to teaching that atoms are actually God’s sperm released from supernovae which only occur when God fucks the universe long enough to blow his load a few million light years.


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