Are Women Hard To Write?

It’s blog time again!

That’s all I’ve got so far.

You know I’ve always wondered if I’d be able to do a good job of pulling of writing a female main character, not being well versed with having a vagina I’m not sure whether I’m portraying female characters accurately in general, and I do worry about that on occasion, I mean the last thing you want to be doing is writing essentially a male character under a fictional female avatar.

Not having got much feedback on this however, I find it hard to work out whether I do a good job at this generally, which leads to the bigger question of, how easy is it to write the opposite gender as a lead?

I know that many authors do, I mean Philip Pullman and Stephen King certainly aren’t under the same gender umbrella as Lyra and Carrie but there’s a reason they’re already very well established authors and I’m a student living with his parents who writes in his free time.

I’ve heard that apparently the DC Universe, the rebooted one I should say, isn’t doing a great job at respecting its female characters, and from the panels I’ve seen, they’ve pretty much decided to turn some of their best loved female characters into soulless sex objects.

My inner child’s heart breaks seeing what’s happened to starfire.

And although I never really gave much of a shit about catwoman the fact that she shags batman in the first issue of her new series seems a bit… forward?

Perhaps that’s the wrong word, judging by Batman’s two hundred or so abs in the picture I’d say creepy was closer to that.

So some writers haven’t quite made that distinction it would seem, not to say the good people at DC aren’t good writers, but that some of their number have some strange ideas about how these female characters should act, ways that could only really make them credible characters were they on ‘Two And A Half Men’, and after watching the first episode of the new series of TAAHM I can confirm that Ashton Kutcher’s character, although refreshing, looks to be about to be set up as a man just as shallow as Charlie Sheen’s.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it I suppose.


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