Let Me Tell You…

Let me tell you something incredibly mundane about cologne, if you leave the cap off by accident for over twenty four hours it makes your room smell rather pleasant but it does make you rather suspicious about whether the fact that the contents of the bottle have gone down to almost zero was a related phenomena, not that they can’t be topped up but smelling nice is pretty expensive these days, especially for someone as badly versed as I in the art of coming across as attractive or interesting.

Let me tell you something rather counter intuitive about the idea of freshers. Despite the best intentions of getting you comfortable around the people in your new city/new place of education before you dive head first into an incredibly unfamiliar world where a few people at least would find it quite hard to get a foothold in, the whole practice encourages an overtired feeling that really doesn’t bode well for the education it’s designed to be a prelude to. On night fuelled with alcohol, fried chicken and late nights should it even come as a surprise that come the morning you don’t feel that compelled to go to those welcome lectures that you need to go to because no-one’s told you where and when your classes will be or what to do to get that equipment you ordered last week.

Okay you can breathe now, I realise there weren’t quite enough commas in that last paragraph but in the interest of keeping these things concise I wanted to make sure that block of letters contained the entirety of my point.

Let me tell you something about writing a blog when your body’s begging you to just eat and sleep until the next day comes around; it’s not as hard as you think it’s going to be when you start but it sure as hell isn’t easy to keep yourself from breaking the fourth wall so to speak.

Is it just me that feels like talking about the blog within a blog is counter-intuitive to the point of having your own little space of the internet? Like talking about facebook on facebook, which I have done as well, contrary to the point I would like to make, although with that it still stands that only an idiot would do so.


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