Day Three? Or Is It Five?

Day whatever of the big strain on my ability to stay awake.

I’m beginning to feel a great urge to just go into a permanent state of unconsciousness and I fear that I may be so far into weariness that I may be approaching the point where waking dreams are possible, and although I have not been known to have them, I am a worrier, and naturally I worry more when I’m tired despite the fact that’s it’s becoming hard to even concentrate at the moment.

It’s a wonder then that I’ve managed to work my way through the hundred or so words of this blog so far, I certainly don’t believe I could write an essay at this state, and yet I’m only going to make it worse in the next few days.

Perhaps I should work on my powernap technique, right now if I tried to take one I wouldn’t wake up for another couple of hours at least, and given I only have six minutes until I need to leave again this would not be the best idea.

Everyone’s in the same boat I know but it’s one of those things I never considered until it pounced upon me like a tiger that bites at my ability to stay awake rather than at the supple flesh it would surely find on my fat arse.

I’m not sure supple and arse have been used in the same sentence before but I’m all for firsts here.


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