Entangled Up In Misunderstandings

Let me make one thing clear here, not every blog is going to be about how I couldn’t sleep, I’m going to leave that issue alone now, not only because I actually got some sleep last night, but because I know no-one really wants to hear about it, although my blog a day approach to this site requires that occasionally this blog with fall into the realm of intellectual mousse.

Although I hope that today is not one of those days.

Because for some people I might need to clear something up, and that is something that is obvious to most people.

However, there are certain ideologies that would lead one to believe some fundamental facts about science and the way the universe works allude to impossibilities that those facts actually outright do not support, I’m talking of course about claims for psychic powers such as ESP and remote viewing, and of course, the mechanism proposed for these honestly tenuous claims is the granddaddy of misunderstanding, quantum physics.

Now, let me tell you right now, most people do not understand quantum physics, and I’m not about to make the jump that what I understand about it is enough to claim that I understand the field, but there are certain concepts in quantum physics that you can acquire the basic understanding of without going to deep into mathematics, and it’s these basic concepts that many pseudo-scientists and people who wish to start with claims and work their way backwards towards evidence happily misunderstand as essentially – therefore psychics.

The idea that anything is possible, which is the space they use to occupy with any theory unsupported by double blind studies etc. should not be inferred from quantum physics, or the nature of reality in general.

Sure, quantum entanglement means that two separate but entangled elementary particles can still affect each other from long distances but this does not mean that you can stick this mechanism say, in the brain and outside and making excuses for being able to see one’s thoughts.

This exact example may or may not be a claim by the proponents of these ideas, however, it’s an example of how this could be misunderstood.

The relationship between elementary particles does not directly correlate to memories or whole molecules, in fact, largely quantum effects slowly dissipate as we scale up to the macro world and beyond, and once you go outside of the universe and into a ‘spiritual plane’ there is no way to predict how physics outside our universe would act by the very nature of the fact that we can only test within our own universe.

Point number one made, I may make a number two tomorrow, I may not.


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