Light Readings?

Now, I don’t believe I said much about the whole psychic Sally debacle, mainly because there wasn’t much definitive to report, however, there was a very interesting (which is surprising considering it was on this morning) discussion about psychics and cold reading, one with rather potent results, or at least that’s how it would appear.

Now until definitive evidence comes in no-one can really say that Sally Morgan pulled a Peter Popoff. It’s possible but just because psychic powers lack evidence does not mean that she was a fraud, or even if she was she could have been faking it another way, with cold/hot readings etc. Many people truly believe they have these abilities and that doesn’t make them charlatans, it makes them self-deceived, and that in itself is a small tragedy, delusions of grandeur after all, can be painful if they come crashing down, and they certainly have social connotations that may not be helpful for the abilities of the person in question to maintain relationships, have rational conversations and other such niceties we expect from someone living in today’s society.

Anyway, here’s the video.

Now, I consider that pretty compelling.

As for Sally Morgan’s claims that she is not a fraud, well, that’s possible.

It is possible that she doesn’t know her abilities are probably not real, it is possible that she thinks she’s helping people with a mysterious force she has received as some sort of miraculous gift from the universe.

However, it’s also possible that she’s lying, and telling the difference is not an easy call to make, even in the cases where it seems the most plausible.

Just for closure, you cannot prove a negative, unfortunately.


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