Shaking The Foundations

I did actually have something very specific and relevant I wanted to talk about today but in the haze of actually having to get up and go to my first lecture today I completely forgot and thus rendered this sentence void of a point.

There are a few interesting things to note today however, just to fill in some space; I’ve done quite a few new alter the press reviews since last time I mentioned it and my review of Lights’ Siberia (A wise man once told me it was the place to be, then again he also advised me to respect the man in the ice cream van so I think we can rule Mr. Scooter out as a reliable source of both musical and geographical knowledge) I believe went online this morning (it was a last minute job so apologies if it’s a little dry), also it’s my birthday on monday and if you want to send my any presents (which I know everyone on the internet conspires to) then turn a few people over to this blog, that’ll make me smile.

I do want to say however, that I have realised how vague foundation degrees need to be to function as a booster towards a bachelor’s degree. My current course, which I didn’t make the bachelor’s of due to some very stupid and naive decisions made during the course of my college career, is largely a mix of basic sciences as well as incorporated business studies.

Now for a course labelled biological sciences this confused me a little, but it’s a foundation, they’re trying to push you upwards so you know enough basics to go on to the degree, and to be honest, with the three years it’s been since I did any physics outside of my leisure time it’s somewhat nostalgic to go over the optics of lenses, if only to understand how a basic microscope works.

It’s a little off putting to have a business section to the course I’ll have to admit, I can’t see myself finding it interesting or to my tastes but at least it may drive me to work harder and get onto the bachelor’s faster.

Now how hard is it to get 60%?


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