Occupy the BBC News Room!

So I’ve been waiting for the coverage of occupy wall street on the national news and it just hasn’t come up.

Now I may have missed a day every now and again but this is an ongoing protest that has been met with an outstandingly unfair reaction by the NYPD, and while there are obviously worse things going on in Damascus and Libya as well as the ongoing Israel/Palestine and Kashmir events surely this should be given some attention, after all, we report on pretty much every mundane event that happens across the pond.

So surely when something as thought provoking as the police’s reaction to occupy wall street happens we should be reporting it?

I mean that was just unnecessary.

The thing is, the television isn’t the only source of information, there are plenty of bloggers, vloggers, newspapers etc. who are out there and yet it almost seems like the BBC are trying to pretend that it isn’t happening.

If a story is out and people are hearing about it, even via venues such as youtube, that should be enough to warrant some coverage, because without this covering of the story it just makes the newscasters look a little ignorant.

I can’t truly remember ever waiting through a news program and wondering when they were going to get to the part I’m most interested in before but boy, was I doing it in the last couple of weeks.

To be honest if they cut out the sports segment they’d have plenty of time for these stories, it’s not real news anyway, if you care enough you can watch the actual games that are being reported and if not sports reports should be limited to ten seconds per sport, which will also increase the IQ of the average sports fan. Only people who are really paying attention can interpret someone talking as fast as they’ll need to with that limit.

The weather can go away to I’ll just look outside and see how we’re doing, it’s not like I’m putting on a barbecue.


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