Tragic School Bus (sorry, that’s a terrible title)

Alright then, it seems that the Nottingham city transport and I are having a little disagreement. Despite my customer loyalty over the years I have been thwarted by the man they send out to tell buses not to let any more people on. Where is he doing this? At a bus stop where thirty or more students have been waiting for over half an hour. How many buses does he let stop? None, and if they do he has a go at them? What time did I finally get the bus two days in a row because of this ridiculousness despite the fact I’d been waiting there since five past eight this morning? *deep breaths* ten to nine.

Given the timeframe I could have easily gone into town and got the bus from there, getting to university a good half an hour earlier, but going to a bus stop closer to the uni and with less of a queue for the bus? No, you have to wait until it’s likely you’re going to be late despite the fact that lateness can potentially knock marks off of your final score or cause you to fail the module if the teacher’s feeling particularly crabby.

So what does this mean? Well people coming from all the way across town can get their easily and earlier than me after leaving later and travelling greater distances? Where’s the logic in this? There were a few of the six buses that went past me today (and the same was true yesterday) that had easily enough room for twice the amount of people waiting at the bus stop but the man with the clipboard just gave them a thumbs up and took all the sneers he was getting from people who actually have to be somewhere?

Do you know what he should have been doing? Waiting at the bus stop in town so that only a certain number of people get on each bus, then, when it gets to later bus stops there’s enough room for a certain amount of people to get on.

And I don’t think there’s any way you could argue that that’s not the logical answer, the illogical one of course being letting people pile on in town and then forbidding anyone from getting on after no matter how much earlier they turned up or when their classes are.


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