Just Go To The Gym For Christ’s Sake!

So I was walking through Arnold today hungover but happy, discussing topics similar to what usually happens on this blog (which is understandable considering I’m basically talking to myself here, anti-psychotic medication in hand just in case I start talking back) when I came across a sandwich board next to a ‘healing centre’.

Now anyone that’s read this blog before knows how I feel about these sorts of places, I mean really there should be restrictions on how much evidence you have for your claims before you can declare yourself a healer. I’m sure if pharmacies were called healers then employers of the naturalistic fallacy would feel much better about getting real drugs rather than substances with often no active ingredient or even a sense of prior plausibility.

Regardless, the sign read ‘hypnotic gastric bands’.

Need I say more? Well whether or not I need to I shall so if that was enough for you to get the gist of this then I advise you be a little more patient.

How the hell could this work?

I’m assuming it’s not a joke here for the purposes of expressing my bewilderment and the fact that it was outside a building houses some already dubious claims and practices based around them.

Is hypnotising you supposed to make you thinner?

Is putting someone in a suggestible state enough for their stomachs to separate into two segments and therefore reduce the amount of food they can eat without being full?

Is there any way at all that someone could explain this concept to me that would result in my response being ‘I understand how people could believe that’?

Because at the moment that might just be the wackiest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Is it supposed to be a psychic thing? Because hypnotherapy’s very different to being psychokinetic, especially with regards to one’s internal organs.

And if it was indeed supposed to be a psychic thing would the invisible band not disappear when the psychic was out of the vicinity?

Surely the power of thought is trumped by distance and separation by space?

Perhaps I give people too much credit when I say that I don’t see how anyone could find such an advertisement compelling, and it somewhat saddens me to know that there are probably people who would much rather pay silly amounts for this ridiculous claim rather than just going to the gym.

Because really, if it’s fat your fighting there’s a simple way to win the battle.


One response to “Just Go To The Gym For Christ’s Sake!

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