The Daniel Twist Apology Blog

Are you happy now?

It is on this day that I formally apologise to Mr. Daniel Twist for not accrediting him with giving me the ideas for two blogs in the past couple of weeks, despite the fact that I can’t remember which ones they were or how much I remembered what he suggested.

I owe you the 30-60 blog views you earned me and a pizza hut starter, despite the fact that you have a job and I don’t.

Actually, let’s switch that around then, you owe me a pizza hut starter…

Or I’ll just buy it myself.

I shall now use the rest of this blog to shower you with pictures that came up when I googled your name.

Beardy Daniel Twist.

Ginger beardy Daniel Twist.

Bald Daniel Twist.

Bad quality Daniel Twist.

Gay Daniel Twist.

And finally MC Daniel Twist.


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