The Birthday Blog

Let me take a minute here to say that I should have really pointed out last week that I did my 300th blog post, although due to my apathy towards the post that represented it I didn’t mention Sparta or anything of the sort, so to make up for it, I’m going to have to do a little something here.

Isn’t rectification sweet?

Anyway the time has finally come for me to retire my teenage years and bring in a new decade. Yes, 20 is still young I hear you say, but in a mind like mine as soon as I turned 18 death raised it’s middle finger at me and began giving me some sort of hellish striptease.

Once its codpiece is stripped from its crotch I’ll be less than a minute away from being six feet under.

Yes I’m being deliberately pessimistic. Simply put, if I revealed to the world the truth, which is that I’m pretty damn happy with my life at the moment, the world would surely break into a chorus of uproar at the fact that I’m writing a blog and I’m actually happy.

Because back when livejournal was the internet’s only representative of amateur bloggers the entries on there were truly horrific.

You’d be on there for half an hour and you wouldn’t find a single person who wasn’t bitching dramatically about one of their best friends or crying over how much daddy didn’t love them.

Thankfully I started on wordpress, and for all I could see of it there weren’t many upper-middle class people pretending that they lived the life of someone balancing on a rail of pain just for a pail of rain.

An obscure Bad Religion reference for you there, good luck catching that one the first time around.

Regardless, thank you for the well-wishes and I shall be back to drone my trachea off tomorrow.

Also happy birthday to this guy.


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